Explore the complete setup features and their immersive capabilities by effortlessly navigating through the tabs below. Uncover the rich details and comprehensive functionalities that await you and your player base!

  1. Intuitive Setup Documentation: Easily navigate through comprehensive setup docs and wiki for seamless server management.

  2. Rewarding Crate System: Enjoy four meticulously designed crates, each offering exciting rewards to enhance your gameplay.

  3. Enhanced Life Steal Plugin: Experience a specially configured life steal plugin that perfectly aligns with your server's unique play style.

  4. Cost-effective Plugin Selection: Embrace a budget-friendly setup with no paid plugins, allowing you to save valuable resources.

  5. Informative Team System: Utilize an intelligently designed GUI and progress through three distinct team levels for enhanced collaboration.

  6. Empowering Skills System: Unlock a wide array of powerful skills to further enrich your gameplay experience.

  7. Thrilling Bounty System: Create bounties on your adversaries, earning both cash and hearts for engaging gameplay.

  8. Seamless Custom Enchantments: Discover 82 meticulously balanced enchantments that seamlessly integrate into your server's gameplay.

  9. Player-driven Economy: Entrust the economy entirely to your players, fostering a dynamic and engaging in-game financial ecosystem.

  10. Dynamic Player Market: Set up market stalls at spawn, allowing players to control and shape the in-game economy.

  11. Convenient Coin Shop: Access a carefully curated selection of items and utilities to enhance gameplay and streamline progression.

  12. Effortless Land Claims: Utilize three protection stones to effortlessly claim and safeguard your valuable land.

  13. Efficient Chunk Loaders: Optimize your farming operations with three different sizes of chunk loaders, ensuring consistent productivity.

  14. Upgradeable Spawners: Maximize the potential of your spawners by customizing their size, spawn rate, and more.

  15. Thoughtfully Crafted Ranks: Enjoy five fully set up ranks, including three donator ranks, one staff rank, and a default rank for a well-balanced server hierarchy.

  16. Captivating Codex: Embark on a thrilling adventure across the map, exploring over 20 points of interest to fill your codex.

  17. Seamless Website Integration: Integrate your server seamlessly with a dedicated website, providing a cohesive experience for your community.

  18. Efficient Discord Integration: Stay connected and communicate effortlessly with built-in Discord integration.

  19. Lush Mining Areas: Discover a regenerating wood mining area, providing a renewable resource for players.

  20. Expandable Backpacks: Equip each player with a convenient backpack, expanding their inventory capacity for added convenience.

  21. Immersive Theme: Engage with stunning visuals and intricately designed landscapes that bring the pirate world to life.

  22. Multicultural NPCs: Interact with a vibrant cast of non-player characters (NPCs) from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  23. Customization Options: Personalize yourself with ease, allowing you to fully express yourself and create a semi-unique look that reflects your individuality. Tailor your Tags, Chat colour, Player Glow, and accessories and cosmetics to showcase your style in the game.

  24. EULA Compliance: Rest easy knowing that your server fully complies with EULA regulations, ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment for all players.

Embrace this extraordinary server setup, tailored to deliver a captivating and immersive experience for you and your community.

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